Samsung CM871A 128GB MZ-NTY128HDHP

Samsung CM871A 128GB MZ-NTY128HDHP

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Външен/вътрешенВътрешен SSD
Капацитет128 GB



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Samsung CM871A

Samsung's Client Edition Solid-State Drives (SSDs) use the latest in-house NAND Flash and an advanced in-house controller to deliver superior performance, exceptional reliability, and minimal power drain, while securing your files with leading-edge data protection. Samsung SSDs feature superior sequential read and write speeds, along with first-class random read and write levels. These drives are ideal for heavy performance-centric uses, such as multi-tasking, complex data manipulation, and high-performance gaming. SSDs represent the first major advancement in primary storage technology in years.
Upgrading to a Samsung SSD might be the most important computer upgrade you ever make. Samsung SSD users will experience dramatic improvements in boot time, shutdown, application loads, web browsing, application installations, and file copies. When accessing data, SSDs regularly outperform traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) by as much as 100 times. Due to their precision engineering and super-thin design, Samsung SSDs can be installed easily in most PCs, ultrabooks, and notebooks to replace outdated HDDs. SSDs lack moving mechanical parts, resulting in extremely short startup and shutdown/standby times and extended durability. Samsung SSDs feature leading-edge data protection, eliminating any concerns about data theft. Samsung SSDs will transform your computing experience with their revolutionary random access speeds, multi-tasking prowess, and outstanding durability and reliability.


Model CM871a Interface Serial ATA 6.0 Gbps
Form Factor M. 2 Capacity 128GB
Sequential Read Up to 540MB/s Sequential Write Up to 520MB/s
Random Read Up to 94K IOPS Random Write Up to 30K IOPS
Application PC/Consumer Production Status Mass Production Продукт известен още и като CM 871 A 128 GB MZ NTY 128 HDHP, CM871A128GBMZNTY128HDHP, CM871A 128GB MZ NTY128HDHP, CM871A128GBMZ-NTY128HDHP, CM 871A 128GB MZ-NTY128HDHP, CM871A 128GB MZ-NTY128 HDHP

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