Външен/вътрешен Вътрешен SSD
Капацитет 64 GB
Максимален пренос на данни 3 Gbit/s
NAND flash тип  MLC
Максимална SSD скорост на четене 155 MB/s
Максимална SSD скорост на запис 80 MB/s


Диаметър mSATA

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Apacer Technology’s latest product mSATA M4-M utilizes flash vendor guaranteed wide-temp MLC chip and follows JEDEC MO-300’s mSATA SSD specification standards in terms of design, size and connector interface. It has a 52-pin mSATA connector and supports SATA 3.0 Gb/s transmission interface, with a maximum sequential read/write speed of up to 155/80 MB/sec and capacities available in 8GB~128GB. To be more securely attached to the motherboard, the product features paired screw holes on its bottom, designed to enhance system safety while reducing vibration and shake. mSATA M4-M adopts flash vendor guaranteed wide-temp MLC chip for the highest reliability and longest lifespan, which makes the SSD can operate normally in harsh temperature environments ranging from -40°C ~ +85°C. It is the best storage choice for military, aviation, automobile, oil-well drilling and other applications. Product Datasheet Продукт известен още и като 64 GB APSDM 064 GM 5 AN CCM, 64GBAPSDM064GM5ANCCM, 64GB APSDM064GM5AN CCM, 64GBAPSDM064GM5AN-CCM, 64 GB APSDM064 GM5AN-CCM
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